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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Destini Soaps and More....some of my handmade soaps and candles.

Wow its been so long I have not blogged in a while but I have been busy trying to get my soaping business of the ground. I am trying to make some stock for the christmas season some soaps and candle, I'm getting the hang of the candles and liking it alot did not like it before thought it was to much work but then again I have a great tutor and its not that bad anymore.

So let me share some of the thing I have been up to so far and why I have been away for soooooo

This is my Aloe and Cocoa butter soap it feels wonderful on the skin  and is
not drying at all.

This is a soap for the guys hence the
this soap is also wonderful and
very moisturising on the skin
it cleand without leaving your skin dry.

This is a wonderful soap very sudsy and it smells terrific
this is one of my personal favorite

Those are some of the soaps I have made package and labeled. But I have not completely settled on the name and labels yet its still in the works.

I have also delved into the candle making pool and have produced some fine candles if i may say so I did some chunky candles, cupcake and plam wax pillar..

So for the next 2 weeks I gonig to try and make at least 6 different soaps so I can have supplies for the christmas will keep you all posted. have a wonderful day blogstars.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My soaping addiction.

 Hey guys its been a while just wanted you all to know what I have been up to for the past few weeks. You all by now know about my soap addiction and my love for handmade soaps want to make soap but I have NO MORE ROOM to cure my soap my racks are soap is taking over my house all available empty spaces are filled up with soap my house smells wonderful. You know what it feels like to come home from a hard days work and open your door to the wonderful scents of all your soaps curing...ahhhh amazing. But my hands are itching to make more soaps have to get more racks first need more space to cure my soaps. 

Some of the soaps I would like to make in the coming weeks are a chocolate milk soap made with real chocolate, a peppermint swirl type, a lemongrass and rosemary mix, one that is lemongrass alone with dryed lemongrass for contrast, a rosemary and tea tree oil and a coconut milk soap made with real coconut milk and dryed coconut meat or husk don't know in which order yet but those are a few I would like to try.

 I would also want to make a shampoo bar for my hair that's 100% all natural no preservatives no paraben, no sulphates no color but I would  also add essential oils such as tea tree, rosemary, ylang ylang, bergamot and some lavender. The reason why I want to make my own shampoo bar is because most of the store bought products are laden with chemicals that are not good nor healthy for your hair. 

Since I've gone natural 1 year now I have taken a healthier approach to caring for my natural hair which is at sometimes very hard to please. But once i get the ball rolling and start to make more soaps I will post pictures and also the shampoo bar, but hoping soon I can scratch the itch I have and MAKE till next time HAPPY SOAPING

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My natural hair journey thus far and some of the styles I wear.

Its been 1 year since I have been natural, it has been a looonnnnggggg road many ups and downs, highs and lows it has been challenging but all in all I came out on top I've fought the fight and I won I know I have a long way to go but by the grace of God I will make it. being natural is a challenge but having youtube and the facebook group Caribbean ppl with natural hair (CPWNH) has really helped me on this journey thanks youtube and my sisters on CPWNH I could not of done it with out the encouragement I got on both these sites. My hussy is also my inspiration he loves my natural hair and was glad that I went natural and pushes me everyday to keep it natural. I will continue to push forward in my natural hair journey and see where it leads me but I know I am not alone I have the support of my hussy and my sisters from CPWNH.
My staple love these makes me retain length and keeps my ends inside
Some of the protective styles I have worn through out this journey

Just added a bando to my hair that's it opened out

A little bit about ME.

Where shall I start. I am a mother first and fore most I have 3 wonderful kids a 11yr old boy and 4 yr old twin a boy and girl. I have recently turned back natural its been 9 months now and I love the journey thus far, there was some trying times but I've made it this far and I am thankful for that. I also dabble in handmade jewellery I like to work with my hands and I am also doing a course in body care products, so You guys would see that on the market hopefully. Well this was just a brief introduction on myself and I have lots to tell you about me. So follow my blog and you will find out more.
This is a side view of my natural hair in a fro hawk I was 5 months natural in this picture.
These where made using safety pins and beads
Some of the jewellery I made

Handmade soaps by Destini

Well I have started my journey into handmade soaps and so far I LOVE it. I have made 6 batches so far and I am now bitten by the soaping here are some pictures of the soaps I have made so far.
Made this batch using the pot swirl and i scented it with berry and herbs fo
also molded the soap in a pringles container it holds appox 21/2 lbs soap.

tried something with this batch it did not come out as I expected
due to the fo accelerating trace very fast and also ricing the soap
i used mango and papaya fo.

love this display its all of the soaps i have made thus far

this soap is my Aloe and cocoa butter used the aloe from my back yard
love how this came out the soap is very hard after 2 weeks but will make it cure for the
standard 4 weeks before i give it a try. Added no fragrance or color its all natural.

Love how this came out also its scented with Amani code for men type fo
and colored with blue oxide and titanium dioxide and added a bit of
poppy seed to the blue for texture it smells wonderful.