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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Handmade soaps by Destini

Well I have started my journey into handmade soaps and so far I LOVE it. I have made 6 batches so far and I am now bitten by the soaping here are some pictures of the soaps I have made so far.
Made this batch using the pot swirl and i scented it with berry and herbs fo
also molded the soap in a pringles container it holds appox 21/2 lbs soap.

tried something with this batch it did not come out as I expected
due to the fo accelerating trace very fast and also ricing the soap
i used mango and papaya fo.

love this display its all of the soaps i have made thus far

this soap is my Aloe and cocoa butter used the aloe from my back yard
love how this came out the soap is very hard after 2 weeks but will make it cure for the
standard 4 weeks before i give it a try. Added no fragrance or color its all natural.

Love how this came out also its scented with Amani code for men type fo
and colored with blue oxide and titanium dioxide and added a bit of
poppy seed to the blue for texture it smells wonderful.


  1. Amazing Stuff!
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    1. hey thanks np go right ahead and i'll return the favor.

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